Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales event

National Museum Wales have announced their next Museum Sleepover: Dino Nights – At Home!   Dinosaur Sleepovers from the National Museum Wales have been sold-out events since they started doing them in 2018. They usually charge quite a bit for this unique event when it’s held in the museum, however, the at-home version will be just £5 (plus Eventbrite fees) for the whole family! The evening will start at 2pm on 5 February and finish 10am on 6 February, and is suitable for children 6-12 years old

There are Facebook Events and a web listing on their website, as well as on Eventbrite where visitors can purchase their tickets:

Activities in the sleepover include:

  • A torch lit video tour of the museum
  • A den-making competition
  • An activity booklet, including activities such as baking and colouring-in
  • Watching a film
  • Family yoga to wake everyone up on the Sunday morning!

This is an exciting event that allows families of all households to be able to experience one of their Dino Nights sleepovers no matter where they are – and without having to leave their home

Who is / Pwy ydy / Philip Mac a’ Ghoill?

Philip Mac a ‘Ghoill is an Irishman who has learned Welsh in less than a year and wants to introduce a scheme such as’ Siarad’ – which brings Welsh speakers and learners together – in Ireland. If you would like to learn more about Philip and his plans, please visit (in Welsh).

Mae Philip Mac a’ Ghoill yn Wyddel sydd wedi dysgu Cymraeg mewn llai na blwyddyn ac sy’n dymuno cyflwyno cynllun fel ‘Siarad’ – sy’n dod a siaradwyr Cymraeg a dysgwyr gyda’i gilydd – yn Iwerddon. Os hoffech ddysgu mwy am Philip a’i gynllun, ewch i

Seeking Welsh literacy tuition / Angen hyfforddiant yn Gymraeg

Welsh literacy tuition sought for lively and sociable 8-year old fluent Welsh speaker recently relocated from Wales to Dublin Southside.  2 hours per week.  Any interest or suggestions, please contact (+44) 0871 699 233 or

Angen hyfforddiant yn Gymraeg i siaradwr Cymraeg rhugl 8 oed sydd yn bywiog a chymdeithasol a symudodd yn ddiweddar o Gymru i Dde Dulyn. 2 awr yr wythnos. Unrhyw ddiddordeb neu awgrymiadau, cysylltwch â (+44) 0871 699 233 neu ebostiwch

Pizza Boys

Orchard Media, in Cardiff are currently starting production on series 2 of ‘Pizza Boys’ for S4C. The programme will involve two Cardiff based pizza makers visiting each country involved in the Rugby Six Nations competition and they are planning to base one of the episodes in Cork and will be arriving on 19th September.

They would like to see if the pizza makers (who are Welsh speakers) could meet up with any Welsh speakers when they get to Cork for a drink and a chat. If any Welsh speakers based in Cork are interested in being involved, contact Esther Davies in Orchard Media at

Mae Orchard Media o Gaerdydd yn dechrau gweithio ar hyn o bryd ar gyfres 2 o ‘Pizza Boys’ ar gyfer S4C. Bydd y rhaglen yn cynnwys dau wneuthurwr pizza o Gaerdydd yn ymweld â phob gwlad sy’n cymryd rhan yng nghystadleuaeth Rygbi’r Chwe Gwlad ac mae nhw’n bwriadu seilio un o’r penodau yng Nghorc. Byddant yn cyrraedd yna ar 19 Medi.

Hoffent weld a allai’r gwneuthurwyr pizza (sy’n siaradwyr Cymraeg) gwrdd ag unrhyw siaradwyr Cymraeg ar ôl cyrraedd Corc i gael diod a sgwrs. Os oes gan unrhyw siaradwyr Cymraeg sydd wedi’u lleoli yng Nghorc ddiddordeb mewn cymryd rhan, cysylltwch ag Esther Davies yn Orchard Media ar

Canu gyda fy arwr / Singing with my hero

S4C is keen to receive applications from the Welsh diaspora for the programme ‘Canu gyda fy arwr’ (‘Singing with my hero’), where the tenor Rhys Meirion gives the opportunity for individuals, duets, small groups of friends or families to sing with their hero – or heroes! Contact Rhys Lloyd for more information about the series – or + 44-7813-788609.  Closing date for applications is 30 June 2021.

Mae S4C yn awyddus i dderbyn ceisiadau gan y Cymry ar wasgar ynglŷn â’r rhaglen ‘Canu gyda fy arwr’, lle mae’r tenor Rhys Meirion yn rhoi’r cyfle i unigolion, deuawdau, grwpiau bach o ffrindiau neu theuluoedd i ganu gyda’u harwr – neu arwyr! Cysylltwch â Rhys Lloyd am fwy o wybodaeth am y gyfres – neu +44-7813-788609.  Y dyddiad cau yw Mehefin 30 2021