About us

Aims of the organisation:

The aims and objectives of the organisation include the following:

  • To raise the profile of Wales and Welsh affairs in Ireland through communication via the media and through representations to political bodies and individuals, to commercial organisations, and to private individuals, as appropriate. This includes raising awareness of current affairs in Wales in the areas of politics, economics, language, culture etc.
  • To highlight misconceptions and misinformation about Wales and Welsh affairs which may have gained currency in the Irish media and amongst the population in general.
  • To act as a conduit for Irish experiences in political, cultural, and economic matters which may have relevance for Wales to be passed back to the appropriate Welsh organisations or individuals.
  • To foster unity of action and awareness among individuals in Ireland who wish to make a contribution to the development of the Welsh national identity overseas.

Draig Werdd is not affiliated to any political party or to any other type of organization, and is funded by contributions from members and by other fund-raising activities. Membership of the group is open to any individual who shares the aims outlined above.

Draig Werdd organises public meetings and social events to assist with promotion of its aims and objectives. A newsletter is also published for distribution to members and other interested parties.

Management of Draig Werdd

Draig Werdd is governed by a written constitution – click here to download a copy.  Management of the organisation is the responsibility of a committee elected in our annual general meeting each October.

The minutes of our last AGM in October 2022 may be read at AGM minutes 2022 and the secretary’s report may be read at AGM Secretary’s Report

An EGM was held on 23 November 2022 to discuss a proposal to suspend the constitution of the society which would remove the necessity to hold an AGM and to elect a committee, and to appoint a number of trustees to manage the assets of the society.   It was decided at the EGM to continue for the present with a reduced committee of 4 members, pending a revision of the constitution to replace the management of the society with a less formal and more flexible structure.  An EGM will be held in May 2023 to consider the proposed changes to the constitution.   Minutes of the EGM can be read here.

The reduced committee for 2022-23 consists of the following members:

Angharad Williams
Justin Smith
Andrew Thomas
Geraint Waters