St. David’s Dinner 2017

Our St. David’s Dinner 2017 was held on Saturday 4th March at the Hampton Hotel Dublin, with Welsh TV personality Huw Llywelyn Davies as guest speaker.   This turned out to be one of our most enjoyable St. David’s Day celebrations, thanks in no small part to Huw’s witty and entertaining speech after the dinner but also to the excellent facilities, food and service supplied by the hotel.   Thanks to committee members for organising the event and ensuring that all ran smoothly on the evening – another successful St.David’s Day celebration in Dublin.

Some photos of the evening are shown below.   Click on a thumbnail to enlarge any of the photos.   Go to our Archives page for photos from earlier St. David’s Day celebrations.


Bray-Greystones walk June 25th 2016

One of our annual (or occasionally bi-annual) Draig Werdd walks was held on Saturday June 25th, 2016 when we walked the coastal path from Bray to Greystones.  The day turned out to be a very enjoyable one, with fine views over the Irish Sea and along the coastline, and a lot of opportunity to talk along the way, followed by more of the same over a cup of tea of something stronger in Greystones while watching Wales beat Northern Ireland 1-0 in Euro 2016.

Some photos from the walk are shown below – click on a thumbnail to enlarge any of them.