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  1. Hello,

    I’m a Welshman from Port Talbot who’s been living in Dublin 19 years.

    I met Robin some years ago but unfortunately I never made more of an effort to get involved in the society.
    I’d love to change this and become a member now.

    Would love to hear if there is anyone doing Welsh lessons.


    Paul Wallace

    1. Hi Paul – Richard Morgan is continuing to run Welsh lessons online for us via Skype – you can contact him on if you’d like more information about that. Alternatively you may be interested in using Duolingo for some Welsh lessons – here’s the link: As it happens, Richard worked on the development of the Welsh module for Duolingo, so he will be able to give you more information on this as well.

  2. Hello

    I have recently moved to Blackrock, Co Louth from the UK. I was born in North Wales but have lived in London and the South East for more than 40 years. I am a Welsh speaker but the only opportunity to speak Welsh was with my father, who sadly died in July. Are there any Welsh speakers based in Co Louth? When we get back to Level 1 will there be any Welsh Society events in Dublin?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Clare – We haven’t been able to hold any Welsh Society events since our St. David’s Day function this year on Mar 10th during Wales Week in Dublin – 2 days before the country went into lockdown for the first time – but we’re planning to get together again as soon as conditions allow us to. In the meantime, if you’re a Facebook user, you could join our Facebook group at which allows members to keep in touch. That’s probably the best place to look for other Welsh speakers in Louth as well.

  3. St David’s Day will be marked in Naas, Co Kildare on Sunday, 1st March 2020, when the Naas Local History Group will gather to display the Welsh flag outside the Town Hall in the Main Street of Naas. Naas has been under the patronage of St David since the 13th century and is officially twinned with St David’s Pembrokeshire.

  4. Does anyone know where the Welsh rugby team are staying for the match on Saturday I would love to get a photo of Warren gatland

    1. Have asked around and it sounds as if they’re staying in the Radisson Blu St. Helens. Good luck with the photo.

  5. I’ve recently moved to Belfast from north wales and was wondering if the welsh society has any groups based up here that I could join?

  6. Hi all,

    Welsh Footballing great Neville Southall will be in Cork next weekend the 22nd June for a fundraising event for Cork Penny Dinners. Please check out fitzgibbons pub crosshaven on their Facebook. The event is free. Just bring some non perishable items. Love to see some Welsh people come out to support this world sporting superstar.

  7. I would like to learn to speak Welsh im in Dublin Ireland and was wondering would there be any colleges that did a Welsh language course

    1. Hello Deirdre – Your inquiry has been forwarded to Richard Morgan who runs the Draig Werdd Welsh lessons and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

  8. Hi there,
    I’m writing a feature on Britons living in Ireland who have recently received passports ahead of Brexit and I was wondering if any of the Welsh in Ireland fits this bill?

    It’s for the Irish Independent. My email is below. Any help gratefully received!

    1. Hello, shwmai!
      I have an Irish passport and am married to a Connemara man. I speak Irish all the time here. I’m looking for Welsh people who may live in the west of Ireland to meet & chat (& sing?!!) now and again.
      Feel so depressed about my poor little Wales in all this.

  9. Dear Dublin Welsh Society

    Dydd Gwel Dewi Hapus, 1st March 2019?

    You may think that St David’s Day goes unnoticed but not so in Naas, CO Kildare, where on the Saturday nearest St David’s Day, members of the Naas Local History Group display a giant Welsh flag outside the Town Hall.

    This practice has been under way since the early 1990s when the Naas Local History Group pioneered a town twinning between Naas and that spiritual home of Welsh people, St David’s Cathedral City in Pembrokeshire.
    An initial exploratory visit by members of the Naas Local History Group in 1990 led to official visits by the town councils in each direction and a formal twinning charter was signed witnessed by members of the respective national embassies.
    A plaque of welsh slate on the Town Hall gives permanent indication of the twinning.
    As is so often the case the initial enthusiasm for the twinning faded with the passage of time but the torch is still carried by the rugby clubs on either side who exchange junior themes and indeed as i write the Naas RFC junior sides are being hosted in St David’s this weekend.
    Sometimes a Councillor from the Naas Municipal District of Kildare County Councils travels to the St David’s City Council dinner.
    The whole thing is predicated on the work of the Naas Local History Group which pointed out that Naas, unusually for an Irish town, is under the patronage of a Welsh saint. We have a very old St David’s Church of Ireland and a 19th century Catholic Church of Our Lady and St David. It is not widely known too that St David is officially recognised in the Irish Catholic Liturgical Calendar for today.

    In any any event if your society is interested in making a trip to Naas some time later in the spring do feel free to contact me. I will leave my email address in the appropriate space in the contact form.
    Renewed good wishes on St David’s Day.

    1. Hello Liam. Thanks for the very interesting email and the good wishes for St. David’s Day and we return the greetings as a society. Some of us are aware of Naas’s links with St. David and it’s good to have recognition in Ireland of our patron saint in Wales. Thanks also for the invitation to visit which will be passed on to our committee. Hwyl fawr.

  10. Hi , my Daughter is getting married on 1st September and the groom is from Wales.I would dearly love to be able to welcome his family & guests in Welsh.I have tried google translate etc. but seem to get different words each time.
    What I want to say is; “Ladies and Gentlemen you are all very welcome here today to celebrate the wedding of Raina & Joe.”

    I would really appreciate any help you can give.

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