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Global Welsh Cwtch in Dublin 26/7/19

Helo o Gymru! Apologies this has taken so long, but thought you may like to share this with your members.  The first ‘Inaugural Global Welsh Cwtch’ will be held at 37 Dawson Street in Dublin on Friday July 26th at 6.30pm.

Tra bo dau – trip to Patagonia November 2019/taith i’r Wladfa Tachwedd 2019

Tango tours in Aberystwyth are organising a 17-day tour to Patagonia in November 2019 in the company of singers Rhys Meirion, Aled Wyn Davies and their pianist Menna Griffiths, where you will not only enjoy the numerous concerts and social

National Theatre Wales / Theatr Cenedlaethol Cymru

The National Theatre Wales, based in Cardiff, is travelling to Ireland from May 22 to June 1 to tour their production, Cotton Fingers.  They will be visiting Belfast, Derry, Dublin and Bray.  A timely, politically-charged show, written by award-winning writer

Fête de la Bretagne / Gouel Breizh

Fête de la Bretagne 2019 – Celtic Music Festival Saturday 18 May – from 6.30pm at the Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin 7 Tickets €10 at the door To celebrate Brittany day, BreizhÉire , with the support of Région Bretagne, presents a Fest Noz with exciting talents from

Welsh lessons in Dublin / Gwersi Cymraeg yn Nulyn

Draig Werdd is pleased to be able to announce that following the success of this year’s classes a further Welsh language class, will be held in Dublin this spring. The class will be taught by Richard Morgan and will take