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To contact us, send an email to and we will get back to you with a reply as soon as possible.  Alternatively, leave a comment in the reply box below.

36 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Shwmae,

    Brian yma. Dw i’n dysgu cymraeg.
    I’m using duolingo and various online forums and of course listen to BBC Radio Cymru.
    would love to have chance to chat online.


    1. Newyddion da. Mae llawer o Wyddelod in Iwerddon yn dysgu Cymraeg nawr. Mae dweud rhywbbeth yn Gymraen neu say sommething in welsh yn da iawn a dw i wedi dechrau’r cwrs a mae hi’n diddorol. Dych chi’n gallu cysylltu i mi ar facebook am fwy gwybodaeth. I’m the guy with a profile picture at a tap of beer with the sign Cofiwch Dryweryn

    2. Su’mae Brian,

      I am trying to get all Irish people learning Welsh in Ireland in to one group like a whatsapp there’s about 15 of us. Dych chi’n gallu cysylltu i mi ar dudalen Facebook gyda llun proffil wrth bar tap and a sign Cofiwch Dryweryn

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