Chapel plaque update / Newyddion plac y capel

We’ve made a promising start to our campaign – we are currently just over 12% of the way to our target and are now in the process of following up on earlier promises from various bodies for support for the erection of a plaque on the old Welsh chapel in Talbot Street, Dublin.   In the meantime, if you’d like to help with this project and haven’t already done so, please go to at your earliest opportunity in order to make a donation.   As the comment left by one of our contributors says: “If the Welsh of old managed to build a chapel, then we ought to be able to raise a plaque” ……


Rydyn ni wedi gwneud dechrau addawol i’n hymgyrch – rydym ar hyn o bryd ychydig dros 12% o’r ffordd at ein targed ac yn awr yn y broses o ddilyn i fyny ar addewidion cynharach gan amrywiol gyrff i roi cymorth ar gyfer codi plac ar yr hen capel Cymraeg yn Talbot Street, Dulyn. Yn y cyfamser, os hoffech i helpu gyda’r prosiect hwn ac yn heb wneud hynny eisoes, ewch i ar eich cyfle cyntaf er mwyn gwneud rhodd.  Fel mae’r sylwad gan un o’n cyfranwyr yn dweud: “Os medrodd yr hen Gymry gynnal capel mi ddylen ni fedru codi plac” ….

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