Celebrate St David’s Day – Random Acts of Welshness

A message from the Welsh Government office in Ireland:

As you know, our national day is fast approaching!  The day we celebrate our patron Saint David, and all things Welsh. Inspired by the words of David himself ‘Do the small things’, we are inviting our partners in Ireland to join us on our national day by doing their own ‘random act of Welshness’ and to share on social media.

We’d be delighted if you would share a short video of your ‘random act of Welshness’ for us to upload on our social media, with your consent of course!  This can be simply saying Happy St David’s Day/Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus/ La Fhéile Daithí Sona duit.  Or here are some ideas to inspire you!

o   a pic of the Welsh flag at an iconic location (you might even have this already from pre-covid days!)

o   dressing up – your dog/cat/guinea pig … in a Welsh outfit.

o   Making / eating / sharing Welsh cakes

o   Dublin Welsh MVC in action

Here is more information on our global campaign which you might also find helpful. If you could record your videos, in landscape – a phone or ipad will do – it doesn’t need to be pro! Send to us at walesinireland@gov.wales no later than Friday 25th February.

Thanks for your continued support

Cofion cynnes iawn

The Welsh Government Team in Ireland

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